Investment Philosophy


“Buy – and hold”

We are seeking long-term growth of your wealth and are
thus looking for products that we can hold long term in
your portfolio. We are trying to maintain a low portfolio
turnover and are not speculating short term.



We ensure that your investments can be sold at any
time, to be able to react quickly to the market changes.
We will only invest in products with restricted liquidity
with your explicit approval.



We will allocate your assets across different sectors,
countries, and currencies as well as different asset
classes. A diversified portfolio will spread the investment
risk and provide more consistent returns.





Top-Down and Bottom-Up

We use market growth rates, exchange rate trends,
and price indices to choose the appropriate indus-
tries, geographies, and sectors (Top-Down). Then,
we will select the individual investments based on a
combination of technical chart indicators and
company fundamentals (Bottom-Up).


Investments we know

We invest exclusively in financial products, where we
can judge the risk. We make direct investments only
selectively and mostly use funds for investments in
emerging markets, specific sectors, and alternative
products. We believe that professionally managed
funds have the necessary specialists and thus can
achieve a higher overall return.