Your Benefits


Achievement of your goals

You get an investment strategy that responds to your
individual needs and objectives, and that fits nicely with
your other investments. You will benefit from the best
financial products that are available on the market


Understandable solutions

You can keep a full overview over your investments and
cost, and thus avoid unpleasant surprises. Your money
will only be invested in financial products that you under-
stand and that do not bear hidden risks.


Continuous relationship

You have a dedicated relationship manager who does
not change. We are convinced that such continuity is
necessary to build mutual respect and trust. Your wealth
will be managed with a long-term perspective and high
emphasis is put on asset perseverance and
long-term growth.


Low cost

You will benefit from attractive custody and transaction
fees, as we will pass on to you the retrocession that we
receive from the custody banks. We will avoid unneces-
sary trades and this will keep the transaction cost down.
We are also refraining from investments in structured
products that carry high and sometimes unclear
management cost, which eat up a large portion
of the returns.




Discretion and Security

You are enjoying the same level of security as with
any Swiss bank. We are member of the Swiss Asso-
ciation of Asset Managers
(SAAM) and thus subject
to the Swiss banking secrecy. Discretion is one of
our highest values and we guarantee full discretion
of all client data.


More time for other things

You no longer have to concern yourself with market
trends, new products, or potential risks. You no
longer have to control the correct execution of your
investment transactions or monitor the performance
of your portfolio. We take care of this for you – and
you have time for other things.