Welcome to
              Himstedt Investment Services!


Himstedt Investment Services specializes in investment
consulting and asset management services for both
high-net-worth private investors and institutional clients.
We are based in Zürich/Switzerland and our interna-
tional clients are benefiting from 25 years of experience
in Private Banking.

The financial market is constantly changing. The range
and complexity of investment products is overwhelming
and new investment possibilities are arising nearly every
day. It takes in-depth market knowledge and a lot of time
to keep the overview, to find suitable solutions and to
control the achieved results. We can take care of this
responsibility for you.

We believe that only individual solutions will lead to the
desired success. Therefore, your needs are the focus of
our consulting services: We only develop investment
strategies that are customized to your needs. We are
independent from banks and fund managers, and can
choose the financial instruments that are best for your
needs. We guarantee total transparency: We can
explain to you the chosen products in detail, as you
need to understand them before investing your money –
and we can show you the breakdown of the asset
management fees.





You have our personal promise that we pursue your
financial interest with high commitment. For you, this
means an investment strategy that fits your needs
and is compatible with your other investments.
You will enjoy the same level of security and discre-
tion as with any other Swiss bank and can benefit
from our attractive fee structures.

We want to build up a long and trustful relationship
with you and you will have a partner to support you
in the long run. This will give you more time to
pursue your other interests and activities.