Questions and Answers


Who is Himstedt Investment Services?

Who guarantees the reliability of
   Himstedt Investment Services?

Who is my contractual partner?

Who has access to my money?

What risks exist?

Can Himstedt Investment Services access
   my money without asking me?

What is the difference between an
   independent asset manager (IAM) and a bank?

At which bank will my investment portfolio
   be managed?

Do I need to change banks if I have my
   assets managed by Himstedt Investment Services?

How can I make in-payments or withdraw money?

What kind of returns can I expect?

Which currency can I invest?

In which products will my money be invested?











What is the minimum investment amount?

How will I be informed about the development
   of my portfolio?

Can I get a declaration of profits for my
   Tax Income declaration?

How long will I commit myself with such an
   investment management contract?

How much do I have to pay for those individual
   portfolio management services?

Can I get a breakdown of the cost ?

Do I need to pay for the development
   of an investment proposal?

How does the Swiss Bank Secrecy work?

Does the banking secrecy provide protection
   in case of crime?

Does the bank share information
   with other tax authorities?

Can I open an anonymous account?

How can I become client?