Financial Center Switzerland


Size and Experience

Switzerland is located in the center of Europe and ranks
among the largest and most important financial centers
worldwide. « Swiss Private Banking » has a worldwide
reputation for Service, Quality, and Tradition.
Switzerland offers you a large choice of custodian banks
that have long-term experience in portfolio adminis-
tration and that can ensure reliable order execution
and clear reporting.



Banking in Switzerland is characterized by privacy and
protection of the client’s assets and information.
The Swiss banking secrecy is one of the strongest
worldwide and protects the private sphere of the client.
The Banking Secrecy prohibits Swiss banks as well as
us from revealing the existence of your account or
disclosing information about it without your consent.
This guarantees a maximum of discretion.


Stability and Security

Switzerland has been enjoying a high degree of political
and economical stability for a long time. This is reflected
in a low inflation rate, a small budget deficit, and the
important role of the Swiss Franc in the area of asset
management. Guarantees for deposits in case of bank
collapse are high and sometimes even guaranteed
without limit.











Swiss Private banking has always been “interna-
tional.” Accounts at depository banks can be main-
tained in multiple currencies and reporting services
are provided in multiple languages. Product offering
is truly global, and international financial instruments
are as easily available as Swiss solutions.