Our Strengths



We can develop an individual investment strategy that
responds to your needs and that fits to your other invest-
ments. We are convinced that only individual, custom-
ized solutions will lead to the desired goals.



We have no commercial agreements with banks or
fund-management companies, and therefore, have no
pressure to place certain products. We use multiple
information sources to form our own market opinion.
Being free of any conflict of interest, we can thus choose
the best available products for you.



We can show you in detail the advantages and disad-
vantages of individual investment possibilities and
explain to you which returns you can truly achieve with
certain products and at what risk. We are also honest on
the cost side and separate the cost for custody and
transactions strictly from our management fees.






We strictly stick to the investment agreements with
you and invest your money only within the agreed
investment strategy. We keep you regularly informed
about the development of your portfolio and impor-
tant market changes. You have our promise that we
will look after your investment with our highest
personal commitment – because your success
is our success.