Fee Structure


Our initial investment consulting service is, of
course, free of charge. If we can convince you to
have your portfolio managed by us, then we will
charge you a quarterly management fee for our
services. The fees are between 0.75 and 1.5% per
year – depending on the value of your portfolio.
If you wish, you can also choose a performance-
related fee structure.


Additionally, the depository bank charges custody
fees and transaction fees. These depend on the
value of the portfolio and the type and number of
security transactions. You will benefit from special
conditions, rebates, and fixed “ticket fees” that we
have negotiated with our partners. If you prefer
another depository bank, then we will credit you all
provisions paid to us by this bank.


This guarantees you our independence when taking
investment decisions and ensures that you are
benefiting from low custody and transaction fees in
both cases.