Consulting Approach


Analysis of your Needs

We take time to understand your objectives and needs.
We want to understand what value fluctuations you are
able to tolerate, when you need your original investment
amount for other purposes, and what return you are
expecting to achieve over time.


Development of the Investment Strategy

Based on your individual investment needs, we will
propose a suitable blend of asset classes. We will
explain to you the benefits and risks of individual asset
classes – such as equities, bonds, and real estate.
Then we will agree with you up to which percentage we
can invest into each individual class.


Implementation of the Investment Decisions

Within the agreed investment strategy, we will then
select the most suitable investment products. We use
independent information providers and then screen the
market for the solution available on the market. We then
instruct your custodian bank with the transaction and
control the correct order execution.












Monitoring of the Portfolio Performance

We monitor your portfolio on an ongoing basis and
regularly discuss with you the implemented transac-
tions as well as the performance development.
Should your needs or your personal situation
change, then we will discuss this with you and make
the necessary adjustments.